Jaydon Jec, City Mu-Ral Challenge Instrumental

Use this instrumental to participate in the City Mu-Ral Challenge. You can be a dancer, singer, rapper, comedian or twerk to enter this competition.

The rules to participate is the following:

  1. Follow the following accounts on Instagram: Jaydon Jec, 9ja Industry Traffic, Jec Signature, Jaydon Jec Fan Page, and Jec Music Empire.
  2. Download the instrumental.
  3. Add your second verse.
  4. Upload to Instagram.
  5. Tag the accounts in 1.

Contest dates: 8/1/2020 – 9/30/2020

  • First place, 50K
  • Second place, 30K
  • Third place, 20K

Payout on 10/5/2020

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